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Meld is a 2D top-down pseudo-dungeon-crawler puzzle game.

In Meld, the player must evade detection by various cameras while collecting items to solve puzzles. The player is also capable of toggling meld mode, which allows the player to move through certain walls for a short amount of time. 

Version 0.1 is an alpha demo version that includes the tutorial level & level 1. The game was created to be a prototype/demo.

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Published 72 days ago
AuthorAlexander Mastryukov
Tags2D, Top-Down


Meld v0.1.zip (18 MB)


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great game very good fun looking forward to the finished one thanks, here is my play through https://youtu.be/5HA8I3QPcZY

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Great playthrough, thank you for your feedback! I left a more detailed comment on your video.