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Love the music the concept, the art, the crafting, would love an battle or adventure mode to put the loot to use.  but great game!!


Simply brilliant. The Beta Release has been professionally polished to include an intuitive user interface, beautiful pixel art and stunning atmospheric music. This already fun and addicting game has been overhauled with an in-depth crafting system featuring endless items with different rarities, descriptions and value. It's hard to believe I'm playing the same game! I can't wait to see how you continue to evolve this project on your game dev stream on twitch!


Great game, here is hoping for a Windows and Android version...


Loot N Craft is designed for Android. I released the beta test on WebGL because it is easier to build to and get feedback for.


Very entertaining, definitely a good game for a phone. The hit detection can be a little off at times, though, but other than that it's a lot of fun.


Very good work, keep it up. I'm proud of you.